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Why Choose Fidel Dental Group?

There’s nothing more important than our patients maintaining a healthy smile, which is why we strive so hard to keep our Arlington dentistry affordable and accessible. We understand that a lot of patients don’t have dental insurance, which is why we’ve decided to come up with an attractive and affordable alternative. If you wait until you have an emergency, you’ll likely end up spending much more than you need to on dental costs. However, with our discount plan, you’ll be able to ensure your smile and save yourself plenty of money.

At Fidel Dental Group you will find a friendly team of professionals who are here to serve your dental needs in. We have created an office with a friendly and inviting atmosphere with an imaginative and creative flair to be a pleasing to all our patents. From our original artwork to chairside televisions. We take special pride in patient safety by following all CDC and OSHA guidelines. Our  sterilization room is a central part of our practice and open for all to inspect so you can observe the measures we take to ensure your safety. Our treatment chairs are are enclosed to maintain your privacy and comfort.