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Dental Treatment
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At Fidel Dental Group, it’s our goal to give all of our patients in and around Arlington, VA healthy smiles. As your family dentist, we accomplish this by combining the latest advancements in dental technology along with our skilled and compassionate team in order to provide our patients with the dental care that they deserve. Our dental treatment procedures encompass a wide variety of services and procedures, each of them designed to preserve your natural teeth as long as possible.

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Why Is Dental Treatment Important?

Dental treatment is vital because it goes hand-in-hand with dental health. Medical research has proven the correlation between common oral infections and serious health problems. In order to prevent these health issues, routine cleanings and checkups should be performed to uncover and treat any conditions while they’re still small and easily curable. To maintain great health, taking care of your teeth and gums should be one of your top priorities.

Our Dental Treatment Procedures

As your affordable family dentist in and around Arlington, VA, Fidel Dental Group proudly offers the following services:

  • Oral Exams and Cleanings: These routine appointments will allow us to help keep your teeth and gums healthy in addition to checking for any possible oral disease.
  • Crowns and Bridgework: We’re capable of replacing lost tooth structure and even missing teeth.
  • Root Canals: When patients are experiencing an immense amount of pain around one of their teeth, they’ll likely need a root canal. This treatment won’t just ease the pain, but it will save a damaged tooth and keep it from needing to be extracted.
  • Dental Implants: When you have a missing tooth, we can replace it with a permanent dental implant that will look, feel, and act as a natural tooth.
  • Fillings: These are used to restore decayed parts of teeth.
  • Extractions: We can safely remove diseased and unhealthy teeth that are unable to be saved.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: Your dentist and hygienist include in their examination screening to catch oral cancer at an early stage.
  • Orthodontics: With orthodontic treatment, you can get the straight teeth that you’ve always desired. Ask about our Invisalign services today.
  • Removable Dentures: This is a simple tooth replacement option that’s meant for patients who have issues with a number of their teeth.
  • TMD Treatment: If you experience chronic jaw pain or you have issues with chewing and biting, we’re glad to offer this treatment to help fix the problem.
  • Tooth Decay Prevention: As oral health specialists, we’re capable of offering a number of tips and treatments that will help lessen your chances of developing tooth decay.

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If you have any further questions about our dental treatment procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We at Fidel Dental Group are glad to help you in any way we can! If you’d like to schedule a visit with us, we encourage you to fill out our online appointment request form. We can’t wait to hear from you and help keep your teeth as healthy as possible!