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Root Canal Procedures in Arlington

We at the Fidel Dental group are dedicated to providing the Arlington area of VA with experienced and professional dental care. We provide endodontic care and our dentists hold a deep understanding of the blood vessels, dentin, root canal, and soft pulp tissues that make up the tooth, and we can repair dental damage while helping you to maintain the health of your smile and teeth.

Your teeth are a living part of your body, and in many cases, replacing them is not as good as saving them. As Miguel de Cervantes once said: “Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond.”

About Endodontics

Endodontics focuses on saving your teeth by performing root canals and highly specialized, complex procedures for patients who have had traumatic dental injuries. Due to modern technology and improved techniques root canals are much less time-consuming and virtually pain-free. We can usually treat most root canals within an hour right in our office but occasionally we need to refer patients out to endodontist specialists.

The Causes of Dental Damage and Pain

Dental Decay

Maintaining a regular 6-monthly exam routine is the best way of allowing us to treat tooth decay. If untreated, the decay can lead to pulp tissue infections inside of the tooth. These infections can be accompanied by severe pain throughout the surrounding area since a tooth infection can move down the root canal and into the nerves.  Your dentist will address any dental decay by filling cavities and stopping the spread of infection.

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma can have a variety of causes, whether it’s from an injury sustained while playing sports, or from having multiple procedures carried out on a tooth that has led to trauma and damage. Regardless of the cause, dental trauma can lead to infections the same as dental decay can, with the infection traveling down the root canal and causing pain. If you sustain trauma to your mouth or teeth, we recommend that you visit us for an examination. 

Root Canal Treatment

The most common endodontic procedure carried out is a root canal. After administering a local anesthetic to the affected area we then proceed to make a small hole in the infected tooth that goes inside to the pulp chamber and root canal. From that hole, we are able to clean the tooth by removing all infected tissue, which is followed by a thorough disinfecting of the area. Once the pulp chambers and root canal are cleaned and disinfected, we can fill the cavities and apply a sealant to the tooth. The tooth will require a healing period after the procedure, but after that healing period, we can then place a crown on the top for teeth that have a weakened structure, although this is not always necessary.

Come on In and Meet Our Team

Dental pain can be bothersome at best and excruciating at its worst, so if you are suffering from dental pain or feel that it is time to schedule a routine appointment and examination, book a time to visit today so that we can begin improving your dental health. You can contact us by calling (703) 575-9899, and you can also download one of our patient registration forms to fill out and bring in when you come for your appointment.